The guy who implodes: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is the pop figure of millions. He´s the guy that dwarfs as he grows bigger. They guy who unleashes controversy and negative critics as he attracts huge coverage. Guy who reduces himself.

The Canadian “artist” grows smaller in two ways: through his audience and through himself. The former because his audience, rather than exploding, implodes. In other words, instead of reaching more publics, thus enlarging his audience, these are lost. Once a Justin Bieber’s fan arrives at a certain age, this fan halts to follow him: there is no loyalty to maintain with the artist.

If we consider publics by age, he turns out to be maturing as his music reaches minors. His publics are everymore the young aged and everyless the older. He expands downwards and will hit a zero-aged (0) wall (he can´t actually aspire to that) because theres no “belower”, while upwards he’s unable to reach his own-imposed limits. His up-barrier would be age-hundred (100), but he barely gets nor attracts the twenties (20).

This means he stays at the same audience niche, tending to age reduction. From a 50 Facebook profile sample -I made- following (or liking, to be more accurate) him, only six turned to be over 18. “Many of Justin Bieber’s fans are barely ten”[1].

But considering publics by sex, Bieber stagnates in the feminine, unable to deeply penetrate the masculine.

Regarding the latter, himself, Justin Bieber implodes both in his private and public life. The second derives from the first one. He’s a young boy absorbed by the entertainment monopolic system; he reached fame, but gained no respect. He`s the guy who came from an adverse life and then obtained “everything”, an “everything” where he could´t find himself. He`s the person who, hypothetically, after living in an average home gets laid -that meaning “settled”- in a labyrinthical dimension mansion with not knowing which trail to take. He’s lost.

Bieber arrested for drunk-driving. Bieber pissing. Bieber fighting cameramen. Bieber insulting and fighting journalists. Bieber mopping and swiping the floor with his public´s national flag. This and much more. Perhaps the industry demands controversy from him in order to sell more.

The truth speaks of a non expanding audience, but contracting as he “conquers” more children. And through a decaying birthrate he may, in a close away future, keep no audience at all. His artist’s life has fragmented him as an individual.

Justin Bieber is the universal guy who means nothing more than the specific. Bieber is the guy ho grows downwards; the guy who matures through age, but decays and immatures as a person. Guy who implodes.

By Ulises Bobadilla y Jiménez


1. Rodriguez, Juliana. “Una fiebre llamada Justin Bieber”. en Voz. (self-translated)

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