The Annihilation of Sex

Considering freudian neurosis as the suppression of all libidinal instinct, pornography turns to be a mechanism of sexual annulation. Porn industry seems, initially, as a cultural contradiction, for it is meant to stealthily praise the satisfaction of the sexual desire that we’re demanded to subjugate; in second term, substitute it.


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Nevertheless, this industry has managed to show us fantastic realities of the sexual event and, somehow, trivializing it through media pillars ideally of universal access (TV, Internet, comics, magazines, etc.). Such factors, fantasy and vulgarization, have led to the generalized idealization of the coitus, this to say, the fiction of fucking. Our sexual frustrations, encouraged by cultural prohibition, are enhanced by an industry that annihilates the real (material) sexual act against those inventive presentments of it. In other words, the coital physiologic satisfaction is subjugated to those phantasies created by the mediation of the act of fuck; therefore the tangible sexual activity results little pleasurable against the mental desires. Pornography gains ground in the audience’s mind: annihilating the same pleasure she’s exaltedly able to tender. Perhaps that’s why for many males is more pleasant to ejaculate while masturbating creating fantastic mental images or as they admire the fantasy that porn industry has succeeded to capture. Many of them would prefer (self-)unilateral satisfaction over bilateral pleasure. Libidinal repression, understood towards the others, is successful. Beyond cultural repression, we stand against and inhibition of physio-mental mould arriving to strengthen the primary suppression. We believe to find in pornography a font of satisfaction in presence (absence) of a tabued act, namely, a liberation site before the real sexual (bilateral) emptiness. But in the end, turns out as a mechanism of the bilateral act annihilation.

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By Ulises Bobadilla y Jiménez


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