Unclean from purity

Imagine someone who takes the public transport for the first time, someone who needs not to make use of it, used to to cars, his own, his parents, his driver, his friend’s or couple. This person makes an effort not to touch anyone or anything, avoiding even to hold from the tubes. This person, in general, tends to avoid places of risk, to say, populous places, for these are imposed as the unknown and incomprehensible.

Once I told a friend of mine who had never used the subway and how looked disgusted when boarding it :”don’t touch me with your dirty hands of cleanness”. We were bothering her for being such a “posh”, or diva, better said, for she had always refused to use public transport and refused to assist to popular places. These people often stand out immediately when arriving to a place like this. it’s like if they were stained, covered by a mud of “purity”.

Look at this video. a fragment of the movie Material Girlshttp://www.movieweb.com/movie/material-girls/bus

The streets are life while experience of life. One must soak oneself in experience, one must get dirty. Streets offer experience, meet people, understand them and assimilate them as one is assimilated by them. Even if one comes from another stratum one learns to go as others. There’s no reason to receive hostilities.

Perhaps it’s not the experience everyone seeks, but is very enriching at a personal level, high above professional matters. Is about spicing life a bit, tint it. Stop being one purity stain, boring and plane, monovisualist.

In the ghettos one learns that the lack of culture does not exists, that there are no uncivilised people. Just a different kind of culture, such antipode, it seems/to us) as no culture at all. They know everything we’ll never know about what’s living, what a true effort means, what sincere difficulties are. And they`ll never understand what we understand about living.

Their Think is different. They think about live and the world, things, not about the being, the ideal. Their Think is crude as it remains sincere. Have you ever talked to someone from these neighbourhoods? Their approach to life is bigger for one main reason: it’s visceral and direct, while our live is mediated through itself, this means, alienated from itself by a series of material resources to which a value is attributed and that unlink us from the surroundings (¿remember my post about shoes? “Shoe of the suspicious”: http://wp.me/p4u2pQ-W). Even better, have you talked about your personal problems to some ghetto person, have you asked him for advice? There you can see their understanding of live, of the human being; so crude in their sincerity, using the language they perfectly know (even if limited -this is not always true) to express better thoughts than we can express ourselves with a lexicon that we so widely disown, they know how to say more with less: they posses the economy of culture, although not the elitist mediums to legitimate it. Their answers are sincere because life is sincere with them, which means, it reveals as crude to them. They are not mediated by a useless empathy, useful only to the unlink us more from our interpersonal direct relationships. Guilt does not mediate what they say. They don´t horse around the world, they go straight to it.

They comprehend what we don’tThat`s why we are stains, stains of cleanness, of “purity”. But we are dirty of mediations, so purity is impure. ¿Isn´t this a stain of whiteness among the grayness of a society?

By Ulises Bobadilla y Jiménez

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