The Paradox of Differences

The paradox of diferences lies in that where differences are given is within the common. For a specific situation they correspond two antipode responses.

Lets think on a couple who just broke their relationship. We will find that response Diferences proceed from distinct contexts, from unequal experiences, from diversely lived lives. Within the same common referencial frame, Differences are the manifestations of such diferences. The parado is presented as two responses before The same conflict.

Both man and woman have an emotional dealing towards the situation. The woman internalizes feelings, she´ll blmae herself and seek her mistakes; her friends will empahize and simpathize with her, viscerally internalizing too the feelings of her devastated friend. The man does not internalizes, rather he acts inmediately to overcome, he may even blame the woman adn not accept his mistakes; his friends will support him and will incite him to move on.

But what communes them all? The emotional dealing. From the woman who internalizes and her friends who internalize too, to the man who acts and moves forward,a dn his friends inciting him to do so. Here women friends act like their woman friend, bus each one from her own perspective. Contrary, men friends do not act like their man friend for they don´t empathize with him, although they simpathize, and they don`t stop being man for not actign like him.

And not only from the situation, but form the specififity this grants us: the position, whther the man friend`s or the devastated man; whether the woman friend`s or the devastated woman. A different position before the situation, but position at last.

Fore coupling, sex, there are to ways. Differences are the response against The common denominator, from their inherent differences. The femenin (female) and the mach (male). Harbor and to make pregnant. Receiving and giving. To be penetrated and penétrate. The situation of sex, and Sex itself, presents and demands two slopes.


Same goes with politics. Left. Centre. Right. But they all make politics. Right. Centre. Left. But they all have an ideology. Politcs are there. Ideology as a conept is there. Both are floating there. How they`re conceived, developed and implemented is what differs ones from others.

Differences are responses towards a common denominator, from it`s inherent differences. Difference is te requirement from That something that communes, what we do before It. The Common’s illusion.

By Ulises Bobadilla y Jiménez

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