About… What?

The biggest narrative we tell ourselves: life. 

Our most congruent… 


Dailyness  within the

global happening.

(Metarrelato is the spanish word for metanarrative)

According to posmodernisms, Christianism was the first metanarrative in history; Enlightment the second one; Marxism the third one; and Capitalism the fourth. John Stephens defines metanarrative as a ” a global or totalizing cultural narrative schema which orders and explains knowledge and experience”. Namely, a metanarrative justifies “universal” beliefs within a culture during a specific era.

The French sociologist and philosopher Jean-François Lyotard, said metanarratives have died due to people’s incredulity towards those “grand philosophies pretending to encompass the totality of history”. We believe it not, for today we find a fifth metanarrative: the one of economic democracy, and therefore, globalization.

We know a parallel phenomenum, glocalization, understood as the fusion between global and local. Glocalization adapts global models into local scopes, while integrating local matters into global models. It is about thinking globally and acting locally.

Everyone lives in his locality, always wired into the globe. What an individual lives is always connected to global concepts, to world collective experiences, but not abandoning their individual condition. Separate experiences with common features.

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